2022 HOT Hairline and Beard Shadow Powder

Which one do you want

Our Hair and Beard Cover-up Powder is designed as a convenient solution for thin hairline, thin beardline, gray hair root, and baby hairs. Hair influences social impressions. Whether it's at a party, in a relationship, or in business, good hair always makes a big difference!

What Makes it Awesome!?

  • EASY APPLICATION: Sprinkle our Hair Cover-up Powder onto thinning areas for instant coverage, lasts all day, and when done simply wash out with any shampoo!
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Our fibers are made from a 100% natural fibers source and are Alcohol, Gluten, and Paraben free.

  • FULLER LOOKING HAIR: Just shake this product directly onto thinning areas and watch the 2nd generation fibers bond seamlessly to your existing hair, creating a completely natural-looking thick and full appearance.
  • THE LONG-LASTING powder is sweat, water, and oil-proof keeping it dry and long-lasting for the entire day!


Our Hair Cover-up Powder is ideal for men and women of all hair types: it helps you achieve your desired styles with more consistent and fuller hair. The non-permanent hair color can last for days and can easily be washed out with shampoo.

Fill Up Your Hairline and Beardline!

  • Instant temporary hair color for light, dark, or grey roots
  • Paraben, sulfate, and peroxide free
  • Easy application-applies in less than a minute
  • Won't damage hair Fills in and Volumizes thinning hair