3-in-1 Universal Magnetic Fast Charging Cable


Why 3-in-1?


Use One Charger  

Stay Organized

Name brands want you to do this...


Cables broken = They sell you more

Make the switch

Here's an easy solution:

Coil is simple

Coil matches your devices

Strong out of the box

Pick yours today!

  We developed Coil 3-in-1 for those who have minimalist lifestyles
  For those with many electronics, which require Micro-USBType-C, and/or Lightning (iPhone) USB, and need organization or simplicity

What's included:

  • Coil's storage box
  • The Coil cable with a universal magnet head
  • iPhone (8-bit lightning) magnetic head
  • Micro-USB magnetic head
  • Type-C USB magnetic head

Compact and Powerful

You won't lose pieces. All heads attract: