Mohaliko™ Bone conduction headohone


Have you ever had earphones that don't fit or fall out?

Wearing regular headphones behind the wheel poses a risk to drivers, occupants, and other road users by serving as a potential distraction. 

Have a headset that gets dirty from being inside your ear?

Or did you know that conventional earphones can cause long-term hearing damage to your eardrums and you wouldn't even know it?
Unhygienic Use

Bone Conduction Headphones

This technology of sound transmission is known since the days of Beethoven, an outstanding deaf composer, and in some sources is called the “inventor” of this method of sound transmission. There is a well-known fact that the genius bit the metal tube, put the other end to the musical instrument and thus could hear what he was composing. It is now widely used in medicine and military technologies.


  • Bone Conduction Technology: Now enjoy hours of music without damaging your earbuds. It features bone conduction technology that creates vibrations to transmit sound through the bones of your face (jawbones and cheekbones) directly to the inner ear. The wrap-around-design makes it extremely lightweight, flexible and provides custom and secure fit.

  • Unmatched Comfort and Stability:

  •  The ergonomic design provides ultimate comfort and makes sure that it stays put, no matter what. Whether you are doing an intense workout, hiking, running, climbing, skating, driving or more and USB powered which makes it perfect for every situation.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connection: Enjoy the hands-free experience.

  • With up to 10m of range, you will never have to reach your device again and again. It effortlessly connects with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices in no time.

  • Crystal Clear Calls: 

  • Never let any disturbance come into your way again. With advanced noise reduction microphone, it optimizes your call and reduces the background noise.

  • Sweatproof Design:

  •  Now pep up your workout with crip and powerful sound that your traditional headphones can't match. These bone conduction headphones are sweat resistant and stay securely in place throughout your workout and exercise session.

  • Easy to Control: 

  • One button control, you can easily adjust volume, change tracks and easily switch between calls and music.

  • A Battery That Just Keeps Going: 

  • With over 7-8 hours of playtime and 15 days of standby time, enjoy hours of music, calls, movies, and videos throughout the day.

Avoids hearing impairment compared to ordinary earphones.

Unlike traditional headphones, they will block your surrounding sound more or less, so you may expose in danger while you're running or cycling. Bone conduction headphones work by vibrations, sound transmits via cheekbone to your cochleas, which avoids hearing impairment compared to ordinary earphones.


Bone Conduction Headphones are lightweight and they will never fall out no matter what kind of strenuous exercise, enable you to do sports freely. 



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- Powell. T, Detroit

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“ This headset has completely surprised me! The sound quality is incredible, especially the deep bass! It pumps me up whenever I'm jogging or working out. I would highly recommends it to all of my gym buddies.”

Bruce. A, Chicago