Mohaliko™ Bone Conduction Hook Earphone


Mohaliko™ Bone Conduction Hook Earphone🎵


Stay Safe While Having Your Fav Music Now!

🎵Listening music while walking on street is always dangerous if you’re not cautious enough to the environment. But now you could enjoy music safely on street with Mohaliko™ Bone Conduction Ear-Hook Headset.

Mohaliko™ Bone Conduction Ear-Hook Headset produces incredibly amazing sound quality to give you a rich, cohesive listening experience. Superior noise reduction allows you to turn down the external sound so you can stay focused on what you're listening to, but also cautious to surrounding sounds. Hook design to hold still on your ears. It is also water and sweat resistant that is able to withstands all weather conditions and doing sports. Time to listen music with safety now!


  • Outstanding Audio Quality:
    Produces incredibly amazing sound quality to give you a rich, cohesive listening experience. Premium sound is guaranteed with any mobile device.
  • Noise Reduction:
    Reduces external sound so you could enjoy music more but you can still hear surrounding sounds to keep you safe.

  • Hook Design:
    Unique design to stay on your ears firmly so you need not to worry to lose it somewhere.
  • Waterproof:
    Water & sweat resistant design that can keep up with high-intensity activities and pull through all weather conditions. Fits comfortably and will stay secure when having rigorous workouts.
  • Advanced Functionality:
    Features simple and instant pairing through Bluetooth. Simply tap to control, play, pause, answer, hang-up, redial or change the order of the songs.

  • Stylish Comfort:
    Ergonomic and lightweight to let you stays with them all day. Fitted to wear for a long period of time.


  • Size: 7.1cmX3.8cmX0.6cm
  • Color: Black, White, Silver, Gold, Red


  • 1 x Mohaliko™ Bone Conduction Ear-Hook Headset