MOHALIKO™ HD Wireless Security Cameras


It is a 1080P HD security camera two-way audio that lets you monitor the outside of your home all day. It provides alerts to your smartphone whenever motion is detected.

It is a wireless battery-powered HD security camera that helps you monitor your home day or night with infrared night vision.

With long-lasting battery life, No wiring, no professional installation required.


    • HD Night Vision
    • AI Smart Playback
    • Analog High Definition Security Camera
    • Motion Detection
    • Multiple View (Supports IOS, Android)
    • Waterproof Outdoor Camera
    • 1080 P Resolution
    • 24X7 Recording
    • Outdoor and indoor camera
    • Waterproof

    1080P High Definition:
    The application of AHD 1080P technology makes a higher resolution, which improves the image of the replay more delicate. For protecting the things that matter most, having a security camera with 1080p HD resolution is vital. With HD clarity and sharpness, you won't have to worry about missing crucial details if an incident happens to occur on your property.


    Day & Night Vision:
    Securing your loved ones and property is a 24-hour operation. Fortunately, this wire-free security camera has you covered day and night thanks to its infrared night vision capabilities. The cameras also feature an automatic infrared cut filter that will automatically disengage at night. This ensures accurate color representation during the day and high-quality black and white infrared video throughout the night.

    Package includes:
    Sync module
    Owner's manual
    Power adapter
    USB power cord
    Each camera measures 2.6*1.5*6.5cm