Mohaliko™3-IN-1 CLEANING PEN

The Mohaliko™ 3-in-1 Cleaning Pen - effortlessly clean your Airpods and Cases with the Mohaliko™ cleaning pen. The All in one cleaning pen makes it easy for you to take anywhere and keep your Airpods & cases clean like new on the go! Removes 100% of all visible residue & wax in under 30 seconds. 


Take the cap off


Withdraw the Pod Pik


Insert into holder


Enjoy the cleaning

Extend the life of your AirPods by 30 seconds a week.
Using our cleaning pen will extend the life of your wireless EarBuds. More specially, the quality of listening will be maintained longer and the speed of change will be more efficient. The less dust and accumulation of wax, the more your device will maintain the original performance.
It also reports that of equal importance to maintain the cleanliness of the Ear Pods case - not only is the case prone to catching dust, dirt and wax from the Ear Pods stored - but if you don't clean the case then you are effectively recontaminating your Ear Pods each time you store them - Mohaliko provides a solution - for a small cost Mohaliko will protect your Ear Pods Investment and provide the most enjoyable sound quality experience over a longer period!