Mohaliko Products™ Door Stopper&Door Lock





’I really love these little door stopper alarms. They are so loud and effective! I used them regularly and they give me a piece of mind!‘
Suzzane Ann - Verified Customer

The Security Feature You Need!

This alarm meets your practical needs. And this portable door lock provides you with extra security and privacy, greatly improving your security and preventing unauthorised entry. In case of an emergency, you could remove the lock in seconds in the dark which is a great helper for you when you are on business trips, or live alone.


Dual Function:

This alarm can be a doorstop alarm or a door stopper.When the stopper is triggered, it will make a 120db alarm and in the meantime, it will keep the intruder outside from you, it’s safe and easy to use.

Wedges Stopper Design:

It is suitable for most doors and when it wedges underneath the door,that will not be discovered by the one who is outside the door.

Sensitive Switch:

It has three levels to adjust, High - Medium - Low, you can adjust according to your actual situation.

Non-skid Bottom:

The non-slip function is very good, preventing the door from opening.It can be at home, hotel, bachelor pad, dormitory, and keep you safe.



Put the alarm on the floor behind the door. When someone pushes the door, the alarm will make a 120dB sound with a red flashlight, and the door cannot be opened.

Press the button for "L", to set the alarm. Press the button to "H", to turn on the sensor function.

Note: The gap between the door bottom and floor should be 1 - 3.5cm