Sleep Headphones


Did You Sleep Enough last Night?

Imagine enjoying deeper sleep, and actually feeling awake in the morning!

No, you are not dreaming yet… It's true you can really fall asleep 5x faster by just simply putting on the Sleep Headphones and playing your favorite tunes.

Simply block out any disturbing noise & shield your eyes from any light…

Better sleep awaits!

Ultra Soft Materials For All Night Comfort

The Sleep Headphones is made from breathable and cooling fabric that keeps you comfortable all night long.

From the breathable skin-friendly materials, zero-pressure on eyes pads to the 100% Blackout design.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested and energized to start another great day at your best.

Engineered For Premium Sound

Unlike regular earbuds, the built-in speakers are extra small and covered with soft fabric, so you can easily adjust them in your ears comfortably.

The improved 0.5 Bluetooth connection is now delivering high-quality music, and the extended battery can hold for even longer ( 24 hours continuous playtime).

The cover is a machine or hands washable (Don't forget to remove the Bluetooth module before).

Save Your Ears!

Traditional earbuds have been proven to damage your ears, especially if you wear them while you sleep!

Not only are they uncomfortable but they can cause irreversible damage and alife time of pain!

Join the movement to a better healthier you!