Squeeze Ice Making Cup

  • High quality smoothie cup:made of food grade silicone and PP material.
  • Easy to use: Step 1: Freeze the cup for approx. 3-6 hours .In the meantime, place the desired drink in the fridge. Step 2: Take the smoothie cups out of the fridge. Pour in your beverage and close the lid. Step 3: Just press the cups for 1-3 minutes. Please stir slightly

  • Have fun making smoothieThis is a fun way to prepare frozen drinks. Bring a joyful experience to the hot summer
  • Fast ice making:the cup contains food grade freezing liquid. Changing from hot and cold is facilitated by the coolant
  • Tip: 1.Before preparing a smoothie, make sure the cup is completely frozen.  2. Be careful not to overfill the drink, no more than 2/3 of the cup. Make sure drinks are cooled.