Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner : Eyeglass Cleaning Machine

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Clean quickly and easy to operate. Add tap water, turn on the switch, and you can finish cleaning items using ultrasonic waves in a few minutes.

Multi-purpose ultrasonic cleaning machine. Cleaning machine can be used to clean :

jewelry, rings, glasses, dentures, coins, makeup brushes, makeup eggs, watches, necklaces, razors, cutlery, braces, everyday items in life, etc.

Portable ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine is more comprehensive. 

The cleaning machine uses ultrasonic principles to fit and clean every angle of your items deeply.

Jewelry, glasses, mother and child products, makeup brushes and other items of crevice dirt.

ultrasonic cleaning machine uses ultrasonic "cavitation effect", high-frequency vibration deep cleaning blind areas.

Silent cleaning without disturbing each other

 elegant leisure clean life, secretly will usually invisible to the eye dirt through the shock out, low-key work state, as if not exist.

Specifications :
Product Name: Multifunctional washing machine
Material: Food grade PP material
Product weight: about equal to 133g
Product size:19*7* 7cm
Battery type: Number 7 batteries AA * 2
Suitable for: glasses / jewelry / strap / makeup brush, etc.
Package Included :
1 * multifunctional cleaner